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Get the help you need with MacOS support

One of the most popular operating systems in the world, MacOS is not without its complexities and complications. 

  • Have you experienced compatibility issues with software that is only available for Windows?
  • Is your business keeping up to date with all of the frequent Apple updates and releases? 
  • Are you fully utilizing the Apple systems? 
  • Do you send out Apple devices to your team, then have to get on the phone to help them get set up? 

Let our friendly and professional IT consultants help you with Apple MacOS delivery, setup, configuration, migration, management, ongoing assistance, troubleshooting, and more.




"With Kerkhoff, we have someone we can trust to always give us sound advice."

Sharron Young - Skawahlook
Managing Director

"We were impressed by the quick and professional response of the KTI team who never stopped until the problem was resolved. Now, our staff no longer spends valuable time on fighting IT issues, and we can focus on taking care of our business."

Jim Matheson - Pyrotek Aerospace Ltd.

Apple Mac IT Support for Business

Kerkhoff Technologies Inc is here to empower your teams to work more efficiently, remove barriers to smooth operations and operate as your Mac IT support team with a cost-effective approach that doesn't disrupt your team. 

Our Mac Support solutions seamlessly integrate into your business to enable constant collaboration from where ever you are. 

We offer fully managed IT support and integrated services that work with your existing IT infrastructure, collaborating with you and providing expert skills as required. 

With our management tools and processes, we can get the device shipped directly from Apple, and have it be setup and ready to go as soon as your user receives it

Hassle-free IT solutions for your business

Get IT done, quickly & easily

Offering you the foremost IT helpdesk services in Chilliwack, Canada.

Our friendly IT consultants are here to help you set up, troubleshoot, and support your business's technology. We specialize in hardware procurement, email setup, wireless setup, and more - so you can concentrate on running your business. 

Reduce recurring IT problems

Constant monitoring and top-level support from a company with over 20 years of experience will help reduce IT issues.

Avoid costly downtime

Rely on IT support using technicians to handle your IT issues remotely and save money by outsourcing day-to-day issues.

Hardware & software support

Let our technical experts help you with all your hardware and software needs, including phone, printer, server setup and more.


Our team will conduct an assessment to gain insight into your business, user, and desktop environment. We will identify user roles and responsibilities. 


After the assessment, we will help develop a plan to transition your team, and define the service levels, policies and procedures.


Our team will install, implement and test our tools, prepare a communication plan and ensure a documented transition before going live. 

Managed Security Services

Our managed services include security monitoring, reporting, and ongoing optimization.

Take the stress off your plate, and let us handle your IT needs. 

Schedule a free one-on-one conversation and learn how our IT helpdesk support services can benefit your company.